Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My cozy kitchen

Other than some minor storage complaints, my apartment is just the right size for me.

Actually...that's not true, I'd love some more counter space in the kitchen.
(Thankfully there is the cute little Ikea kitchen cart to help with that problem.)

But since renovations aren't possible in a rental, I did what I could do make things a little more esthetically pleasing.

The entire apartment was a horrible builders beige. With no windows in the kitchen and white appliances, white cabinets seemed to be the way to go.

But once everything was painted, it was a bit TOO white.
A back splash project was definitely in order.

Then on a summer walk on Queen West, I fell in love with some Japanese paper from The Paper Place.

After cutting the paper in 1ft x 1ft sqaures, I took them to a copy place to be laminated.
Then with some double sided tape, I attached them to the back splash.

The results were just what I was hoping for!

Now if only I could figure out what to do with the horrible floor....


bettyninja said...

Great idea to use that paper for the backsplash. It is so cute!

Johanna Masko said...

What a GREAT idea!! I think I need to "borrow" this one...

Michele said...

Borrow away! ;) Thanks for the compliments :)

burrow house said...

Great kitchen! And thanks for your kind words on my "green" post! Hope your day is great.