Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dry Loop

So I finally have my home phone line working.

I called my brother last night and he answers with - "Helloo??!"

Me: What?!

Brother: Your name on my call display says..."dry loop"?!

I start laughing.

I have Bell Sympatico for my internet service, and when you have internet service through your phone line but have no home phone, its called a dry loop.

So I call Bell today...and they couldn't *quite* grasp what I was saying.

Bell: So when you call Bell your name shows up as dry loop?

Me: No. When I call people with call display my name shows up as dry loop.

Bell: So your phone is going to be hooked up this weekend?

Me: No. Its already hooked up, that's how I know about my name display when I call people.

Bell: Can I get your account number?

Me: I haven't had a bill yet, so I don't know my account number.

Bell: You haven't had a bill yet?

Me: No. Again. I've only had the phone since Monday.

Bell: Oh.

Bell: Just to make sure I understand you....when you call people your name shows up as "dry loop" and (long pause) don't want this?

Me: No. I don't want this.

Any horrific/funny customer service stories? Do tell!