Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm good enough, and crafty enough and doggone it....umm...maybe not?!

The baby shower today was a lot of fun. The food was good, the activities were fun and the mom-to-be seemed to really enjoy herself.

- every guest was given a potted flower as a thank you -

The crocheted afghan didn't get done in time, so I gave her a quilt I made (and forgot to take a picture of). She loved it, and so did all of her guests. There was comment after comment of how lovely it was, and how talented I was.

Honestly....I was embarrassed.

Its hard to explain, but I guess somewhere in my head I just assumed this was something a lot of people could do....something a lot of people enjoy doing. I guess I was wrong.

Online, I read crafty blogs on a daily basis, and am in awe at how creative and talented people are. Just look at Etsy, its FULL of talented artisans. So because MY world is full of people who like to do what I do, I didn't realize how unique the bunch of us really are (and how cool that is). So yesterday was truly the first time I realized that I do something that's pretty special and unique. I realized I shouldn't be embarrassed at all, but proud of the talents I have and the skills I've acquired.

Why is it so hard to acknowledge something great about yourself, but so easy to provide praise for someone else's work? I am so critical of my own work its often agonizing to give away something I've made because I never think its good enough.

Anyone else feel that way sometimes?


Shanna said...

i feel that way a lot...i'm always so nervous as people open my handmade gifts. i sit there and twiddle my thumbs thinking they're just going to hate it and that they'll just toss it aside. then come the ooohs and ahhs and I get really embarrassed. typically that follows with "you? you made that? omg! i can't believe you made that!" making feel very small, like i'm encapable of doing anything. i to live in the craft blog world and i always expect the people outside of that to live the same way! never happens!

me again said...

You hit the proverbial nail on the head. I feel this way too. I take photographs and on the one hand, I'm proud enough to have both a web site and a blog, and on my web site I've set up photo galleries. But on the OTHER hand, I was so nervous to set up those galleries. What if nobody liked my stuff. And I see the photos that others take and feel mine just don't compare; well, on good days I don't feel that way, but on bad days, look out. I REALLY feel that way. And then when I get a compliment I feel a touch embarrassed. I think we all need to just get over these insecurities. But .... how??
BTW, I enjoy your blog!
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bettyninja said...

I seriously hate all most all my quilts. All I can see are the flaws normally. When I haven't looked at it for several months then I generally can find things I like about it.

Bummer that you forgot to take a photo! I would have loved to see it. Whenever I need to make something for someone like that I tend to forget to photo it too.