Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Indiana Jones - the reviews are in

My brother saw the movie first, and his review - "It sucked!" (Yes, he tends to be succinct)

After further prodding, he admitted to exaggerating a lot. What he really meant was that, in comparison to the first three, it just wasn't the same, and didn't add much to the series.

For those who haven't seen it, I won't get into further detail but I would have to agree with the points he made (but I won't say it sucked). It was a good movie, just not a great movie.

Shia LaBeouf was great as Mutt, and I could see him taking the series on if they decide to continue.

Harrison Ford was....as always....awesome.

I still have a crush on Han Solo....so really there's not much he do that I wouldn't like.

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