Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Orange Wednesday

I have to admit, that at first, I wasn't sure I could keep up with Color Week. But its been so fun, and its really reignited my love for taking pictures. Everyday I'm inspired by what other participants are posting and it keeps me wanting to participate.

Bring on the orange...

Though I have seen the different movie versions multiple times,
I have yet to read the book.

I wish you could tell how great this candles smells.

I...uh...didn't manage to get a picture taken
prior to opening the package.

One of my essentials.

"The wonderful thing about Tiggers..."

You can find the list of other Color Week bloggers over at Curious Bird!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Yellow Tuesday

Once I started looking around, yellow wasn't too difficult to find after all.

One of my favorite drinks.

I can't remember the last time I used film in a camera,
but I kept this one cause I thought it looked so cool.

No microwave popcorn for me.

I think this one is destined to be a stuffed pepper.

Because of Color Week I've had the opportunity to discover so many new blogs that I'll continue to check out even once Color Week is over.

You can check out the Color Week blogroll over at Curious Bird.

Green Monday

Unfortunately the light today isn't the best, but without further delay....

Sadly I have yet to make anything from my "In Stitches" book.

I love the cucumber smell of this stuff.

Great for snacks!
(btw, in case you didn't know, all packaging in Canada is bilingual. BUT in this case...tri-lingual.)


Leya over a Curious Bird has a list of the other bloggers participating in Color Week.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Etsy love

You've never heard of Etsy? Really? Where have you been?

Simply put...

"Etsy is an online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade."

There are some truly creative and amazing things on there. (made by creative and amazing people)

Here are the shops I have on my favorite list at the moment:

Lori Mirabelli


Skinny laMinx

The Black Apple

white metal




makeshift modern

Happy browsing everyone!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Color Week

Next week I'm participating in Color Week. Bascially, every day of the week is dedicated to a particular color and you take and post photos of that color.

I'm using this as an opportunity to get a little more creative with my picture taking abilities. I'm still getting used to my new camera, so this is the perfect way to get acquainted with it.

Leya over at Curious Bird started this one, and will be focusing her photos on items from around the house, but I think I'm going to have to venture outside to find my oranges and yellows.

Here's the schedule...

Monday: Green
Tuesday: Yellow
Wednesday: Orange
Thursday: Pink/Red
Friday: Blue

Thursday, April 24, 2008

How long has it been?

I don't have a laundry list of shows that I keep up, but the few that I do, I've missed terribly.

This is the week that shows have finally started airing new episodes again.

My must-sees are...


(and I totally thought Lost started next week....and in fact missed tonights episode. But thankfully...there's timeshifting!)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bring on the Gravol!

May is on its way, and that means Canada's Wonderland will be open again for another season.

I can't believe I didn't make it there last year.

But this year, I have to because....

...there's a NEW ROLLER COASTER!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jot jot jot

I don't have a car. Actually, I don't drive. So on my commutes on the bus or subway, I have a lot of time with my thoughts.

Its often while I'm sitting in rush hour traffic that ideas about future projects pop into my head. There's a fairly good chance that by the time I get home it will pop right back out, so I got into the habit of carrying a little notepad with me pretty much everywhere I go.

My favorites are little sprial notepads by Ecojot. Perfect size, cute patterns, recycled paper and made in Canada.

I loved my latest one so much I went back and got the matching journal.

Note: Ecojot has a link on their website to their design blog. It's so cool to see the creative process before the end product is completed.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Crafty ADD

The problem is not lack of inspiration....I think its that I'm too inspired. In the last little while, I've embroidered, knitted, crocheted, sketched and painted. BUT I haven't finished one single project. I just keep moving from one to the next and then back again when I feel like it.

At this rate, nothing will get finished. But at least I'm having fun!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I want to sit on my balcony!!!

I'm super inspired by all the great outdoor furniture and accessories out there, but no amount of inspiration is going to help along my somewhat limited budget.

I would love a couple of these...

- part of the Sarah Richardson outdoor collection -

along with a small table, and lots of plants and flowers.

But for now, so I can actually SIT on my balcony in this awesome weather, I'm going to settle for a couple of these...

Make some cushions made out of something like this...

along with a small table and lots of plants and flowers.

Besides, regardless of what I'm sitting on, I still get to enjoy my view of this...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mabel instead of Meg

I've mentioned before that one of my favorite movies is You've Got Mail. A favorite element in the movie is Kathleen's children's book store The Shop Around the Corner. Its how I always thought a children's book store should look.

(Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Then on a walk for groceries last weekend I passed by this...

- It's a little difficult to see, but there's an Anne of Green Gables display in the window. -

I think I actually had a jaw dropping moment and knew I had to go back.

Thankfully the weather is just amazing this weekend, so I started out on a stroll around my neighborhood and eventually found myself back at Mabel's Fables.

This not-so-tiny bear was sitting out front to greet customers when I got there.

Once I got inside, it was even better than I imagined.

Numbered lamps indicated what books were appropriate for each age group.

A vintage oven sat in one corner along with kid sized aprons (and Curious George).

And I couldn't resist taking a picture of the Harry Potter images on the wall as you headed upstairs.

I managed to leave without buying something for every kid I knew, but I have a feeling I'll be back.

Besides, I didn't get a picture of Mabel herself (she was curled up asleep in her little basket).

Friday, April 18, 2008

Clickity click

It's really only exciting to me...but my knitting is coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself. I'm not ready for complex patterns, and I have no idea how to pick stitches back up that I dropped, but I've learned a lot. to increase, decrease and cable!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Boom dee odda, boom dee odda

Hormonal overload

I enjoy a fun action movie. Sci-fi movies are awesome. Oscar worthy dramas are some of my favorites. But really...what sucks me in every time...the chick flick.

Just a few of my favorites are The Joy Luck Club, Dirty Dancing, You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle. I can watch these (and many others), over and over again.

I've been making a list of older movies that I want to see. On that list includes:

The Holiday
Music & Lyrics
The Way We Were
Fried Green Tomatoes

Yes, we're talking total girly-girl chick flicks.

So when a new trailer gets released on Apple, I get excited!

Here's some that I'm adding to my must see list.

LOVED the first one, can't wait to see the second.

*Ahem*...Colin Firth...nuff said.

The play was awesome and I have high hopes for the movie.
(Colin Firth just happens to be in this one too!)

I don't recognize many of the actors, but it looks promising.


Any other must see (new or older) chick flicks that you can recommend?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1,000,000th times a charm

I love all things crafty, so it was really only a matter of time before I took up crochet or knitting. Crochet didn't click right away, but eventually it all made sense and now I can crochet with the best of them. On the other hand, knitting I just didn't get.

I bought books.

I bought an interactive CD.

I watched online videos.


I still couldn't knit.

But today I picked up my needles, some yarn, one of the books I have and...IT FINALLY CLICKED!

I'm not going to question why...I'm just thrilled that it finally did.

So I don't get discouraged I'm going to have to find a very simple pattern to start.

But my goal is to eventually tackle this pattern.

The "Central Park Hoodie".

Click the pic to buy the pattern via knittingdaily.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

100 things to do in my lifetime (26 - 50)

26. Sail a boat
27. Discover my passion
28. Find my dream job
29. Live without TV/internet for a whole week
30. Go to a World Series game (hopefully with the Jays playing)
31. Be in the audience at Oprah
32. Learn to use Photoshop/Illustrator
33. Make one of the quilts in "Make your own Contemporary Quilt"
34. Volunteer
35. Live in a house with a porch and porch swing

36. Ride a horse
37. Adopt a cat or dog
38. Go on vacation for two months
39. Grow my hair long enough to donate to charity
40. Learn to play the piano
41. Learn to play the guitar
42. Make some of my own clothes
43. Be an extra in a movie
44. Scan all my family photographs
45. Throw the first pitch at a Jays game
46. Make jewelry
47. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
48. See the Space Shuttle launch in person
49. Take dance lessons
50. Ride in a hot air balloon