Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dry Loop

So I finally have my home phone line working.

I called my brother last night and he answers with - "Helloo??!"

Me: What?!

Brother: Your name on my call display says..."dry loop"?!

I start laughing.

I have Bell Sympatico for my internet service, and when you have internet service through your phone line but have no home phone, its called a dry loop.

So I call Bell today...and they couldn't *quite* grasp what I was saying.

Bell: So when you call Bell your name shows up as dry loop?

Me: No. When I call people with call display my name shows up as dry loop.

Bell: So your phone is going to be hooked up this weekend?

Me: No. Its already hooked up, that's how I know about my name display when I call people.

Bell: Can I get your account number?

Me: I haven't had a bill yet, so I don't know my account number.

Bell: You haven't had a bill yet?

Me: No. Again. I've only had the phone since Monday.

Bell: Oh.

Bell: Just to make sure I understand you....when you call people your name shows up as "dry loop" and (long pause) don't want this?

Me: No. I don't want this.

Any horrific/funny customer service stories? Do tell!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy busy busy.

About a week ago I got super myself. I LOVE to be crafty. I LOVE to be creative. But yet...I find that I come home from work and I usually plop on the couch and watch a DVD or get caught up chatting to friends online or on the phone.

Now although a good veg out session is necessary from time to time, and there's nothing that can keep me from staying in touch with friends....NOT staying in touch with my crafty side is a big no-no.

Since I got all fired up, I've done something creative every day for the last 7 days. This weekend I made a crochet scarf from some yarn I had in my stash.

There's just something about the cooler weather that screams "Time to crochet and knit!" :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ok, so what my tissue box looks like really shouldn't matter, but EVERY time I go buy a box or two I stand in that aisle and try to choose the box with the pattern/colors that bothers me the least.

But now thanks to Umbra, that's no longer an issue.

New "limited edition" boxes!!! (that just happen to match my decor perfectly)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Michele thinks...

that blogger is mad I haven't updated since December, and that's why I keep getting error messages. =P

"Michele loves..."

(I found this awesome pic via a random search,
if you're the owner please let me know, its just awesome)

Type "yourname loves" in Google and hit enter.

"Michele loves"

- her prozak. (lol)
- Nascar.
- Twitter. (this one is actually true)
- the gondola.
- House of Payne.
- the shortcut features.
- Making Memories product.
- reading novels and marveling at nature's wonders.
- studying coral reefs because they are such complicated systems.
- spending as much time as she can outdoors, whether it be camping, fishing and or hiking.

"Michele loves...