Sunday, May 18, 2008

Long weekend = long post

Rain be damned! A friend (T) and I headed out despite the miserable weather. Queen West was the destination. I wanted to finally check out The Workroom, and she had never been to Arton Beads.

We got to The Workroom.....closed. Damn.

We got to Arton Beads.....closed. Double damn.

I guess we really should have called ahead considering it was the long weekend. The Workroom is normally open on Sundays, but Arton is not.

I did press my nose against the glass at The Workroom to oooh and ahhh at the fabric all neatly lined up on the shelves. It was exciting just to see the button maker sitting on a work table. (Isn't that exciting for everyone?!)

Well, the day didn't work out *quite* like we planned, but the whole point was to really get out of the house. And that we did.

Once back at T's place we decided to get our craft on.

She always has a fresh supply of IKEA pine MALMA mirrors on hand, so we busted out the paint, markers, scrapbook paper and punches and went at it.

The supplies.

T's mirror - in progress.

My mirror - in progress.

T's mirror - almost done.

My mirror - almost done.

Our supervisor - Wynnie.
(She may look quite interested in our work in this pic...but in reality,
she wanted the mini chocolate cupcake T was about to bite into.)


After all that work we got tired, hungry, watched the fireworks going on over at Wonderland and ate yummy sushi for our late late dinner. In the process, I forgot to take pics of the mirrors once they were completely done.

Speaking about my own work... I was a little heavy handed on the mod podge and needed a few more layers of paint to really hide the wood grain. But overall, I'm happy with the final result.

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