Sunday, March 3, 2013

The little birdie told me to do it!

As things get back on track for me I've had a little bit of creative anxiety.  I come up with ideas and write them down but that's as far as anything has gone lately.  But reading through my blogroll has been inspiring and I thought giving some thrifted item a face-lift would be a good way to ease back in to things. Unfortunately my thrifting efforts have been disappointing so far.

But today at Dollarama inspiration struck with this little birdie!

I thought, "I bet he would look pretty cute painted all white".  At $2 for him, and $1 for a bottle of white craft paint, I figured it wouldn't be too disappointing if the idea didn't pan out.

With the first coat I knew it was a good gamble!

After with two coats of paint and a layer of Mod Podge to give him a bit of a shine, he was just what I wanted. He's now proudly strutting his stuff on the console table in my living room.  Isn't he cute? Not bad for $3, right?

So what crafty project did you do this weekend?  Any white ceramic animals living at your place?