Monday, April 28, 2008

Green Monday

Unfortunately the light today isn't the best, but without further delay....

Sadly I have yet to make anything from my "In Stitches" book.

I love the cucumber smell of this stuff.

Great for snacks!
(btw, in case you didn't know, all packaging in Canada is bilingual. BUT in this case...tri-lingual.)


Leya over a Curious Bird has a list of the other bloggers participating in Color Week.



Clare said...

That last photo especially is gorgeous. Almost makes me want to eat vegetables!!!

Wendy said...

I use Method products also. They do smell good. Those colorful binders are fun. I could use a few of those to get things in order.

Michele said...

Clare - Thank you! I was pretty psyched to see how that one came out.

Wendy - The colors the binders come in are amazing. I have bright pink ones as well. It makes organizing a little less blah.