Monday, January 21, 2013


As much as I want to hop right out of bed during the week, excited about starting my day, I have yet to have a job where that was the case.

So I often felt as so many do...
But having worked contract and temp work over the last two years with spurts of no working at all, I long for the days when I dreaded Monday and really looked forward to Friday and weekend adventures.

Here's hoping I start to dread Mondays again with all of you. ;)

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Ada (new york) said...

Friday is waaay to close to Monday ;)Maybe if we all worked 4 days instead of 3 it wouldn't even be a happy dreadful work day, but simply happy (well rested, had fun on days off, caught up on house work, etc.) days. Cheers to simply happy days!!!p.s. HAPPY MONDAY!!!