Friday, September 3, 2010

Minor technical difficulties can't stop me!

So I wanted to start blogging again. And I wanted to blog about the things I make. I like to blog with pictures, so when I discovered my dead camera battery and no charger I felt like I had to delay on the blogging because I couldn't take pictures of the crafty things I want to make.

Yeah well, if I go with that train of thought, I'll likely never blog again. Besides, I heard that from the BlogHER conference this year someone said the perfect camera is the camera you have. So if that means my pics for a while will be taken with my Blackberry, so be it!

THIS is what I want to make next...

Isn't it purdy?!

The beautiful pics of the finished product and the free pattern are available on this website.

Amazingly enough, I have the fabric I want to use in stock. So my tight budget at the moment can't be an excuse for not working on it this weekend.

My crafty skills are a bit rusty....and my sewing machine is a bit wish me luck!

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