Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beginner Bias Tape Bag

I'm in no way a beginner to sewing...but bias tape...I hate it.

So when a pattern calls for me use bias tape, I do not immediately jump for joy and say I have to try it.

But look how cute this bag is!!

Picture and pattern from Prudent Baby

It also had the word "beginner" in the title, so how hard could it be?!

Turns out, not very hard at all! (though I am by no means a bias tape pro...I can still see the the stitching I shouldn't be able to see...but anyway.)

I bought the fabric to make a pillow for a friends daughter (another work in progress) but decided to use some of it for a bag for another friends daughter. Minus a couple of minor errors (one handle is longer than the other..oops...I think I can fix it lol), I'm REALLY pleased with it and would love to make one for myself now.


I know I said in another post that the best camera is the camera you have on hand...well I lied. I hate the quality of my Blackberry photos so I need to get a new battery charger soon!

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