Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The blank canvas

I've been staring at a blank canvas I bought for months. I thought I just wanted to wrap it in some great big bold patterned fabric but that never happened either.

That blank canvas was starting to become *really* intimidating!

I knew that my living room needed an infusion of red, so from there I decided a big bold stencil pattern in red would work.

I dug around online and found a few that I liked and tried my hand at making my own stencils. Its not as time consuming as I thought it would be and freezer paper works really really well.

Its still a work in progress so I'm TRYING not to pass judgment until its done.


Purple Closet Beauty said...

I kind of like it as it is. Simple, clean, modern, but pretty! Nicely done.

Michele said...

I added a *bit* more to it after I took that pic, but I think I'm going to leave more white space than I originally intended. Thanks for the compliments!

kristin said...

i'm in awe. this is truly a beautiful piece!

Michele said...

Kristen - Thanks SO much! All these lovely compliments are helping with my "painting" insecurities! ;)