Saturday, April 27, 2013

Balcony Makeover v2

Due to a myriad of circumstances since I moved in here, my balcony has never really looked the way I envisioned it.  Its pretty big as balconies go but its never been as comfortable or as much of the oasis that I wanted.

But 3 weeks ago, the demolition and renovation of the balconies on my building began and I think I should have access to it again by July!  So I'm daydreaming about finally making it the way I've always wanted.

Here's my wish list:

1. A colorful outdoor area rug (from Target but this pattern seems to have been discontinued)
2. Colorful throw pillows (from the Pillow Chix store on Etsy)
3. A grey outdoor sofa with chaise (from Maison Du Monde)
4. I've always wanted a Budda head statue. So beautiful!
5. Lots of flowers and plants
6. Strings of lights (I've seen these everywhere lately! Target has a great selection)

I'm not sure my balcony oasis will appear this season or if I'll have to wait until next summer but I enjoy daydreaming about it nonetheless.

Now that the warmer weather seems to be on its way, what's your plan for your outdoor space?

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ljc said...

You could even grow some herbs or catnip out there!