Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Photo-A-Day Challenge

On my birthday last year I started my own photo-a-day challenge.  One picture.  Every day.

Let me tell wasn't easy.

I think I may fall short by a few pictures when March 2nd rolls around this year...but just a few.  Some days were definitely better than others but all in all its pretty awesome to look back and remember where I was when I took that shot.  On the job hunt  for several months definitely made coming up with a pic a bit of a challenge (lots-o-cat pictures lol) but I'm happy I did it.

So I've been wondering how I should continue and then I came across this post on The Idea RoomPerfect timing!  I like the idea of joining a group and working on a project together.  I also like that I'll have daily prompts.

Care to join us?!  Check out all the details for the challenge here.

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