Sunday, October 28, 2007


I got the idea off of a favorite message board of mine to question any purchase with the question...

"Does this bring me joy?"

The idea is to only bring new items into your environment that truly make you happy. I think we're all guilty of settling for things either in frustration or on a unplanned shopping trip. I've passed on the idea to a couple of friends and they've come back on numerous occasions to say they've put things back in a store because the joy-factor just wasn't there.

I've also found the question useful when trying to purge the clutter from my apartment.

Then I was watching TV today and noticed an ad where the occupants of a car were blowing bubble out of their windows and sunroof. I found myself smiling at the screen. Definite joy.

Then the end of the ad encourages people to commit "Acts of Road Joy", and refers them to a website.

VW Road Joy

Since I don't have a car, this might be a little difficult for me to accomplish but I'm sure there are ways to commit acts of street joy.

The things that normally make me smile are:

- when people hold a door open for me
- when someone gives up their seat on the bus/subway
- smiling at people as they pass you by

I'm proud to say I do these things on a regular basis, but I'd like to make a conscious effort to do more. I would like to think that it would inspire someone else to do the same. Every little bit of joy in the world helps right?!

My online sources of joy -

Sony Bravia bouncy ball commercial


Amazing writing at Wil Weaton dot net in Exile

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