Monday, December 8, 2008

'Tis the season

Sunday was Christmas decorating day at my place. Storage is limited, so I have to keep decorations to a minimum BUT I do have a full size tree.

Most of my decorations were bought at the dollar store or on sale when I was a poor student, and I have yet to replace them. But I think the tree still looks pretty good.

I have moments where I want to do the whole color coordinated tree, but that would mean limiting my ornament choices and I'm not willing to go that route yet. Maybe one day when I have a bigger place I can satisfy both sides of the tree decorating dillemma. I'll have the color coordinated "show" tree, and then the pot-pourri Christmas tree.

If you post a pic of your tree, or holiday decorations, link them in the comments 'cause I'd love to see them!

** The star on top is crooked, and its since been fixed. I may have to take another picture, but I'm trying really hard not to care about it and just let the original pic be. I think it may be a losing battle though.

1 comment: said...

The tree looks great, I too admire the coordinated trees ala Martha Stewart but I think it's more fun to decorate it with a hodge podge of ornaments.