Sunday, November 16, 2008


I consider myself very fortunate. I have a lot of pretty awesome friends in my life. So I feel especially lucky to have met another group of girls in the last six months who have been a true source of joy (and laughter) to me. Because of them I am inspired to get crafty and make something for them.

The details....

Sorry I can't say on here yet because I think a few of them are aware of this little corner on the web.

However, in my usual blog rounds, there's been SO much crafty inspiration that I've been saying "oooh " "oooh" at every click. And the best part...all of these have free patterns/tutorials.

(Click the pics for details)

I'm generally in awe of everything Amy Butler.
Her snow mum pillow cover is no exception.

I've been itching to make a new scarf.
Since I have yet to master knitting, this altering
pattern crochet one will do just fine.

Awesome t-shirt embellishment tutorial!

Paper beads! Paper beads!

I'm sure there's tons I've missed out there.

What has inspired you lately?

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Anya said...

Fused glass!! I'm finding so much on the web... it's making me itch to really sit down and create some awesome pieces... oh - I enver told you my jewellery story from the craft sale! Remind me!