Saturday, July 5, 2008

Balcony Makeover - Part 4

Mats hung, flowers planted, furniture painted. Yay!

But as you can see...ugly concrete. The makeshift area rug wasn't good, but this wasn't any better. So my plan B was to head down to Chinatown.

I knew what store I needed, walked in and within 5 minutes had the bamboo area rug I was looking for.

The lighting at this time of day makes it hard to get a decent shot, so I'll have to take more later. But I'm VERY happy with the final result.

Ok ok, I still don't have my outdoor fabric to make pillows but my outdoor living space is finally liveable.

The really cool part this point I've spent under $150 on my balcony makeover! Its over my initial budget, but so far I think it was worth every penny.

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Anya said...

Look at me, over in Europe, making comments - haha!!

The balcony looks amazing!! I can't wait to come sip lovely cocktails in one of those lovely Adirondacks...