Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day one...


That's how many steps my pedometer recorded on my first official power walk today.

I'm attempting to work my way up to running, but I've read that its best to start slow or you'll just burn out too quickly and running will never be fun for you (because you're not doing it right). At this point I can't picture running being fun at all...but I'm going to give it a try.

I need to focus on "other" things, and I need to get in shape...this will hopefully accomplish both.


I'm grateful...

1. that I have the ability to walk/run with relative ease. I saw a young girl while I out with a walker and it made me realize how lucky I really am. (how easy it is to forget that some days)

2. that the rain earlier made the air outside perfect for walking - not too hot, not too cool

3. that I still have a lifetime ahead to accomplish everything that I dream of...that its not too late

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